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Make the best out of your app in Japan

Appury is strategically located in Amsterdam with a single mission: to monetize European mobile apps in the Japanese market effectively and efficiently.

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and help them adapt to the unique culture in Japan to maximize profit.

Japan's market is large yet niche. With over 70 million active mobile users, Japan is an attractive target, although it can be challenging to satisfy their highly competitive demands for top quality services and products. We offer comprehensive solutions to "do it right" in Japan.

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Appury Services


Japanese Localization

Japanese localization is critical when strategizing for monetary gain in Japan. 

Our experienced localization specialists will provide hands-on project management and make sure your app is well adjusted for the Japanese audience. Japanese users have incredibly high standards in the quality of their service and products. Outsourcing translation projects can be risky without quality control; let us make sure your product is in a good shape. We offer a structured and detailed localization process. Have your app ready in English - we'll transform it into Japanese at the highest level.


User Acquisition in Japan

With rich experience and strong local partnerships in Japan, we can deliver the highest performance for user acquisition strategy. Well-versed in UAs in the Japanese market, we can help choose the right channels to achieve your goals. We value your investments and manage your campaigns with the utmost care. We will select optimal channels from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE and DSP networks (CPI and CPA) according to your KPI and budget. We also provide creative packages specifically targeting Japan, aiming for the highest conversion rate possible. Let us know your KPIs - we'll deliver a positive ROI for you.

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Project Management & Consulting

We aim to provide a well rounded service to monetize your app in Japan. In addition to localization and user acquisition, we can also provide social media management, ASO, and many other services according to your needs. Tell us what your goals are - we will provide full support for your needs.

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